Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames" Drama

So, I wrote this last week, but got too busy to add pictures, edit, and post last Friday. So, pretend the date on this post is Friday, May 22nd. :D ;)

This week has been super exciting! About two months ago I had signed up to participate in a drama at a local Church. After not hearing anything about it for a month, I assumed that they had already gotten all their cast and had missed my name on the sign-up sheet. But Last Wednesday we got a call telling us they were meeting Friday. I auditioned and got a part. So exciting! Saturday was all day practice. Then Sunday we had Church and a lunch all together and then started running two full dress rehearsals. The first performance was Sunday night. *whew!* We planned to have two more performances. One Monday night and one Tuesday night. We were super excited when they decided to extend it to include Wednesday night!

At first I wondered how they could put it on with only 2 days to practice, then I discovered that it was a series of short skits strung together, so each of us only had about a 10 min. part to keep track of. It was pretty neat how it all came together! :)

The Crucifixion Scene

Each day before we began practicing we had a devotional and prayer. And before each performance we gathered and laid hands on and prayed for each group of actors and crew. You could feel the Spirit of God in the room as we did so. The time has been a spiritual blessing to me, and it was so encouraging to see the number of people who came to the Lord through the drama!

Inviting fellow students to Bible Study

I played the part of a young Christian high school girl who is trying to witness to her fellow students. One of the students pulls a gun and shoots several people. When I step in to stop him, he shoots me and I die still pleading for his soul. Then I go to heaven, get a martyrs crown, and meet Jesus face to face. I loved the part! It had so much opportunity for the dramatic! :D

Acting in dramas that tell the gospel and affect people for Christ is one of my biggest dreams. It's been a huge blessing to participate in this!

Talking to the "shooter" about Jesus. (Before he pulled the gun)

I started getting a hoarse voice after the first performance, but praise the Lord! I was able to sound normal each time I got up on stage! :)

Standing between the gun and a fellow student.

Something we discussed at one of our devotionals that really impacted me was that as God's child I am HIS masterpiece, my job is just to open my life and let Him flow through me and change me. I CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Being crowned by Jesus.

I have been extremely blessed by all those who participated. The family of God is so much larger than what I see on a daily basis. I've so much enjoyed meeting and working with more of my brothers and sisters in Christ! :)

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