Friday, May 15, 2015

1940's/1950's Navy and Plaid Suit Outfit

This was my first ever 40's/50's suit outfit.

The skirt was made from my outfit for the Scottish Festival we put on. After the festival I realized that although I loved the outfit, I had little use for it anymore, and decided to use the yards of material in the skirt to make a more tailored skirt that I would have more chances to wear. I'm glad I did! The only unfortunate thing about the skirt is that the material is a 100% cotton, not the best material for holding pleats and staying unwrinkled. Which means a LOT of pressing every time I want to wear it! *whew*

I really liked this jacket pattern, and it only took a little tailoring to give it the 50's fitted look. I also changed the pockets to welt pockets. The jacket is made from a piece of Navy Velveteen. I love the color and the soft fuzzy feel!

Ages ago, before we ever knew how much I would get into sewing and retro clothing my Dad bought a whole bunch of buttons at an estate sale for really cheap. There are so many neat buttons in that collection! I think a lot of them are vintage, but I'm really no good at dating buttons. Heh. They've come in handy for many projects. I barely ever need to buy buttons. :) The two buttons on this jacket are from that collection.

I designed and made a matching hat similar to some I had seen from the 40s/50's. It's a simple design, just a circle with a band attached and folded up. It worked! And... oh look! There's another one of those buttons on the hat! :D

The shirt worn with the outfit is a shirt Mom has had for years. I love all the detailed pleating at the collar and cuffs! I'm lucky she doesn't mind me borrowing her clothes, and that we're pretty much the same size! Comes in handy! :)

I liked the entire outfit so well, that I used scraps to create it in miniature 18" doll size. :)

About a year ago I wore the jacket to a Literary Ball. I didn't know I was going to be able to go until about 3 days before the event. I was on my way back from a costuming adventure and it was right on the way home! Perfect, except one thing... I hadn't packed for the trip with a Literary Ball in mind, and was rather limited in my clothing options... I ended up wearing this jacket with a wool plaid skirt that I found in a thrift store (yay for thrift store finds!). I decided it was close enough to say I was "Anne of Avonlea". :) I had fun dancing and visiting with old friends!

A dance at the ball.

 Me with "Miss Stacy" and another "Anne" in attendance.               Talking with a friend.

Pictures were taken by my ever patient mother. :) Pictures from the ball were taken by Brandon and another friend at the ball. :)

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