Saturday, June 20, 2015

Green Plaid 1950's Dress

Ah, a new season is beginning, which means I get to pull out my old summer favorites, and contemplate new projects yet to be made. :) I love summer in all its warmth and freedom! No more heavy coats... bare feet all day long! Sunshine and flowers in abundance!

This dress is a summer favorite. I love plaid and I really like green and brown and earth tones.
This was my second ever 1950's dress. I designed it using a few elements of several dresses I'd seen on Pinterest, then I drafted a pattern. It was my first time drafting, and thus just a BIT scary. ;) Fortunately the design was simple and an easy one to draft.

The skirt is a half circle. I matched up the plaid on the center front and back seems so that it would look like a  diamond print. I love all the details that can be made just utilizing plaids or stripes at different angles! It's so much fun to discover all the different ways to take advantage of self trimming with plaids and stripes.

All of the neck and sleeve trim is made from the fabric cut on the bias. I love how the knotted trim idea I found turned out. I'm so glad I decided to go for it! :)


  1. This is a cute dress! And I love the plaid matching- it's so pleasing to see. :-D

  2. So adorable!!!! Kudos on your own draft!!!